Project Management Apps for Outsourcing Tasks

6 Project Management Apps For Effectively Outsourcing Tasks

Project management need not be a complicated thing. Apps and platforms now make it easier than ever.

You can take care of your team, assignments and deadlines when you have project management tools, without even being in the same office as your colleagues. Working remotely is simplified by these tools but still enables the employees to execute their tasks and projects.

You don’t even have to spend much money on getting most of the things that you want to do like project planning, effective communication, and producing better quality output.

Here are the 6 Project Management Apps you should consider when outsourcing tasks:

1. Asana

Asana is a business productivity focused application and is not complicated to use. Software that can be both used as a task management app and a project management tool. In using Asana Premium, the team’s efficiency increases by 45%.

It can be integrated to productivity platforms such as Google Drive, Jira, Slack, OneDrive and Dropbox.

Asana aims to develop globally — almost 45% of their customers are from outside the US and teams, companies and freelancers from 192 countries are using Asana.


  • Has task-oriented design
  • Notifies the users of tasks and approaching deadline
  • Has a calendar view that tells the input expected from the team members on the calendar


  • Best for teams


  • You can’t assign task to more than one user
  • Features can get too complex and overwhelming


With, you can schedule, coordinate and monitor easier from a streamlined, visual and collaborative workspace. You can start off by selecting a template and modify it to fit your company’s needs.

It is efficient and over 100,000 teams get their work done using this app. And with your existing tools (Zoom, Slack, Zendesk, Microsoft Teams, etc), you can connect and link this app and enjoy the additional benefits. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

And it was hailed as one of the best project management software of 2020! How cool!


  • It’s tailored to any type of market.
  • Provides stellar support features
  • With intuitive user interfaces


  • This provides features necessary for team collaboration.
  • Integration with third-party applications.


  • Price

3. Teamwork

Teamwork is an intuitive tool for handling work that gets out of your way and lets you inspire your team to concentrate on making things happen. It is trusted by over 20,000 companies all over the world.

Nicci Beacham, the Quality and Resource Manager of Liberty Marketing in 2018 said that her team’s onboarding experience in Teamwork has been really smooth. Customer service is fantastic and emails and responses were received within the day.

She also pointed out that, with Teamwork, tracking of time is efficient across multiple clients


  • It can be used in a laptop, a cell phone and a table as long as there’s internet connection.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface
  • Monitors completion status of a task


  • Teamwork desk provides efficient collaboration and communication among users
  • Available in mobile


  • Takes time to setup tasks

4. Trello

This tool acts as a bulletin board! You can pin pictures, documents, notes and more. On the front of the cards a short summary is shown, which allows the user to delve into more specific details such as checklists, dates, comments, attachments.

It’s flexible and integrates with various third-party apps! These include Slack, Google drive, Hourstack and Gantify among others. Navigation is simple too! That’s why over 1,000,000 teams across the world signed up and joined Trello.


  • Voting options where users/team members can approve or disapprove a project
  • Users have private channel to communicate
  • Mobile-friendly
  • It has three price points: Free, Business Class, Enterprise


  • Flexibility
  • Zero pricing for basic services
  • Real time update


  • Free version has a limited storage capacity.
  • Commenting features need to be improved. It allows you to comment but editing is not possible!

5. Wrike

It’s all in one project management platform that lets you coordinate your complicated work quickly and flexibly. It is ideal for the handling of coordination and contact with clients by remote teams, medium-sized organisations, and businesses.

Wrike is considered as one of the Top 10 Project Management Software of 2020. This is an award winning tool- which is highly configurable designed for teams.


  • Interactive Gantt Chart
  • The software integrates other productivity apps such as Google Drive, Slack, Microsoft Teams


  • Real-time work updates
  • User-friendly task management


  • Expensive for small teams
  • No note-taking feature

6. Basecamp

Basecamp is Business News Daily’s choice as the best free online project management software solution for 2020. It’s specifically tailored for small teams or startups, freelancers or entrepreneurs engaged in personal ventures.

It helps users to easily connect with co workers, allowing them to send messages, exchange files and emails, host discussions, coordinate meetings and activities and delegate tasks.

A dashboard provides an overview of all the text documents, discussions, to-do’s and events.


  • Customized-sharing
  • With customizable collaboration option


  • Ease of use
  • Customer Support
  • Can create client-specific projects


  • Conversations can’t be archived; limited chat support
  • No time tracking feature
  • No analytics

Project Management is Essential When Outsourcing Tasks

Client and Freelancers work in different locations

Most freelancers and contractors working online with clients are in different locations. They’re distributed, and it can sometimes cause misunderstandings due to distance, different cultures, manner of speaking, language and more.

It may be hard to find someone or a company who has cultural compatibility, but there’s a lot of companies who are willing to find the balance between the clients and their culture.
Time zones vary, some people may be asleep while others are work

Time zones are very important, since they can impede or make productivity possible.

Since clients and freelancers are from different states or countries, they would also have different working hours. Some sleep while others work. It has an advantage though! While the client is asleep, the freelancer is working.

But it also presents teamwork problems and needs additional planning cost due to delayed communication, uncertainty and rework.

Provides central location to see the progress of a task

Since time zones and locations can be an outsourcing concern, businesses choose platforms or project management software for them to see the progress of the task or projects they want to achieve with their freelancers.

These software are Asana, Trello and Teamwork! There’s a lot of software you can use, just search for the most convenient and compatible app for you and your team.

But it’s not just for them to see the progress but also to connect with their teams as well.

Updates and comments can be left for when someone is online

Notifications, feedback, clarifications, and plenty of emails shouldn’t be expected to be answered real time. Working in a different time and location, the tendency is to leave messages so the other person can see it until they’re ready for work.

Hiring a Project Manager for your Business or Agency

Project managers promote constructive, straightforward and succinct communication within the project team and the wider organization. This helps to ensure the project is going in the right direction. Having a key person in a conversation decreases ambiguity and increases precision.

Being a PM is one of the most demanding occupations as of today. They should be flexible and adapt to different situations, people’s behavior and environment.

It’s hard to function if there’s no manager, right? Yes, that’s why 68% or companies outsource or hire project managers.

What is the role – technical or general project manager?

The technical or general project manager carries a variety of tasks! He or she plans a project, manages the budget, directs teams and team members to their goals, all in all, they make the team and the company move forward!

What are their responsibilities?

Keeping other freelancers on track

Project managers oversee things like keeping track of schedules. In companies like USource or Upwork, they have project management tools that are used to track their teams progress.

Project managers make sure that freelancers are always on-task and on schedule to avoid delays.

Keeping the owner/ onshore team up to date

Communication is key to almost everything in outsourcing! Your boss (the owner) should know what you are doing and how you’re doing it. After all, they are the owner!

You just can’t assume that they know what you’re doing, how the company is performing, the progress of the team unless you provide them information.

That goes with your team as well. They have to be informed with all the schedules, deadlines and deliverables they have to accomplish!

That’s also why project management tools are essential in outsourcing. It makes updating and sharing information easier and quicker.

Are they responsible for when new projects start?

Project managers are responsible when new projects start. He or she is tasked to disseminate the project or to hand in the new project to her employees.

But the work doesn’t just end there! They also make sure that the freelancers meet the clients’ needs. And the project will be more likely to be successful.

Do they have responsibility for deadlines being met?

Yes! A project manager should make sure that the project is delivered on-time! Project managers should set realistic deadlines and meet with her team from time to time to make sure that they are on track.

What skills should a project manager have?

Attention to detail, strong planning skills, Agile (project management) certification, Kanban project management skills

A project manager should have the following skills:

#1 Attention to detail

He or she should maintain a checklist, a calendar of scheduled tasks and deliverables. This skill allows you to enhance your team’s efficiency, profitability and success!

#2 Strong Planning skills

One of the skills that a project management should possess is formulating a strategy and a plan to achieve the project’s goals while adhering to the budget and deadline.

He or she should be able to use effective strategies and positive approaches to direct and influence her team members.

#3 Agile Project Management Methodoligies

A project manager should possess or have experience with Agile project management. It is created to help managers and teams deliver the highest quality of work possible.

If a project manager is knowledgeable about Agile, he or she could implement approaches to planning and project management.

Agile’s basic goal is to be agile and adapt to changes rather than being pressured to operate against a predefined schedule that could become outdated as the project progresses.

Which is very relatable to a project manager for they deal with changes and pressure almost all of the time!

#4 Kanban Experience

Kanban fosters effective collaboration and productivity.

If a project manager has these skills, workflow will be visualized — think Trello. You can add new ideas, projects, tasks, notes in a board, but digital! With Kanban boards, your team will become self-motivated. The expectations on your team is transparent, and the level of engagement rises.

If you are managing a workforce, reliable resources are essential for real-time communication and knowledge sharing that’s why project management tools are essential in outsourcing tasks.

These tools increase resource efficiency and maintain project reach, which are important to project managers and companies involved in broad, complex projects.

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