Gig /gig/

  1. A temporary or flexible job for a specified period of time. Gig employees include freelancers, independent contractors, project-based workers and part-time or temporary hires.

Station sta·​tion / stā-shən

  1. The place in which someone sits or is assigned to work
  2. Equipment used usually by one person to perform a particular job

Working with Gig Station

We’re a hybrid digital agency of distributed independent workers (Gigsta) – a virtual team, geographically dispersed – harnessing the frameworks, know-how and collective talent of a digital agency.

Gigsta’s, are our independent workers. They work from home, from their station. You work with them directly, just like they are your employee. You set the goals, the guidelines, the projects, the tasks and the expectations.

In the background is the agency. We will…