Outsource and hire project managers for your projects, existing team or build a new distributed team of independent workers.

As we say here, when it comes to working with an outsourced team you need:

Without it you haven’t created a business. You have created chaos masked as business.

Leverage our Project Management Knowledge and Hire a Project Manager

The best project management and the most capable project managers will seamlessly slip in to your workflow. It consists of two fundamental, non-negotiable elements:

All communication, every single bit, is managed via your Upwork contract attached to your Gigsta. Use your computer, or download the app for sending messages, making calls and maintaining day-to-day communication. One place, no guessing, with a searchable history of comms. Simple.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Ever client we work with. Every single one is added to our project management workspace. It’s kept simple, and is easy-to-manage. All tasks, revisions, updates, task comments are kept in one place.

Hiring your Outsourced Project Manager

Start by contacting us. We have specialized Project Mangers who use the Gig Station process for project management. If you would like to use your own project management apps, that’s okay, but it will need to be with someone else. Sorry.

Our set up is non-negotiable. We have seen too many outsourced projects fail due to poor set up, implementation and execution from the client side. To centralize, maintain standards and meet expectations our project management specialists will: